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Car wash in kolkata

Car Wash Services in Kolkata

 Car Wash Services in Kolkata is one of our sought-after services were in our experts clean the exterior body and interiors of your car using theirs? A very traditional method of car cleaning, this one is quite popular as your vehicle gets the attention and precision of actual human touch wherein no flaw misses the eye. This method also gives a certain level of satisfaction to our customers as the strokes and the method of cleaning will be gentle. At Clean & Shine Cleaning Services, we use only internationally recognized products for all our services. This ensures that the products are gentle on the body and does not even accidentally cause any abrasion scratch or blemishes.

For owners who are particular about washing their machine on their own, we have safe and simple self car wash equipment designed particularly for this purpose at our car wash services. One is able to wash and rinse their vehicle at their own convenience. It takes away any uncertainty or concern that might arise out of letting your car be washed by another person or a machine.

We are not only the Best Car Washing and Car Polishing Services in Kolkata but also a Hygienic and Eco-Friendly Service at a very reasonable price. We are truly focused on providing Superior Quality Service and deriving 100% Customer Satisfaction Level.

Cleaning Service That We Provided

Full interior Clean-Up interior Vacuuming & Dashboard Polishing. Premium quality materials use in services time Insides seats, Doors, Roof, Matts, Trunk,(Shampoo & Cleaning) Ac Dust dry dusting , Exterior polish + Basic interior (Fully exterior body wash) Exterior polishing with buffing machine for shines

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