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Chairs cleaning in kolkata

Chairs Cleaning in Kolkata

curtain cleaning in kolkta

Curtains Cleaning in Kolkata

If there’s one type of office furniture that gets used the most it’s your chairs. But because they’re always being used, it’s hard to keep them cleaned. At clean & shine, we’re chairs cleaning specialist, Keeping your chairs in good condition are important – not only from an aesthetics perspective but also to maintain health in your office.

Curtains and blinds are prone to collecting dust, odours and airborne pathogens. It is important to have them cleaned as often as you can. At Clean & Shine Cleaners, we clean these items using the most advanced cleaning techniques. Curtains can really brighten up and complement a room, but they are also magnets for dust and dirt particles. They are great at trapping particles out of the air, but this means they need some serious cleaning from time to time. Our team of professionals can give you that expert cleaning your curtains need for you to maintain a healthy and clean-looking environment.

We are the curtain cleaning professionals in Kolkata, and our company uses a variety of sophisticated cleaning equipment to give your curtains the most thorough cleaning available. We can rejuvenate your curtains, hanging fabric and drapes. Our cleaning team has all been trained in methods of cleaning a variety of different fabric types. We even offer dry cleaning for your curtains upon request.

The first step to having your curtains and  blinds cleaned is to remove them. This can be a difficult task because they are often up high and can also be quite heavy and dusty. It can also be awkward to take them down without sometimes damaging them, due to many years of sun and dust wearing through the fabric.

At Clean & Shine, we can make this an easy process for you.


Cleaning Service That We Provided

Chairs :Benefits : Removal of embedded dust mitre , foods, particular etc. Stairs removal without damage fabric. Shampoo for a fresher and cleaner looks. Equipment – Disinfectant chemicals vacuuming machine Curtains Cleaning : Deep cleaning. per square feet. Premium quality materials use in services time . Fully sentient things will be used. After servicing you will seen like a new its (Cleans & Shine ) words We have a Best employee work by professional.

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