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Blinds Cleaning in Kolkata

Are your blinds dusty, dirty and perhaps also, in desperate need of repair? Then contact Clean & Shine for the Best Blind Cleaning Services in Kolkata to return your blinds to their former glory. 

It’s not hard for blinds to become dirty, whether they’re inside. Without the right products, cleaning blinds can result in hours of soaking and scrubbing with a disappointing result. At Clean & Shine, we provide expert blind cleaning services in Kolkata, using the most efficient and effective blind cleaning process. We use advanced processes and specialized equipment to remove grime, dust, stains, insect marks, oil, nicotine and smelly odours. Our blind cleaning will renew your blinds and leave them looking bright, vibrant and revitalized.

No longer can you turn a blind eye to the state of your blinds in your home or office, instead have a close look and see what others see. No longer do your blinds have to be an eyesore that detracts from the cleanliness and style of your home or office, return them to their rightful state of being a delightful addition to each room.

Once your blinds have been removed, Clean & Shine will perform a thorough clean using products developed by us. We will then rehang your blinds once they are sparkling clean again.

Whatever type of blinds you have hanging in your home or office, we’re able to get into every nook and cranny to remove built-up dust, grime and mold. We take the hassle out of cleaning your blinds with our same day service and exceptional customer care.

Cleaning Service That We Provided

Benefits : Removal of embedded dust mitre , foods, particular etc. Stairs removal without damage fabric. Shampoo for a fresher and cleaner looks. Equipment – Disinfectant chemicals vacuuming machine.

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