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Sofa Cleaning in Kolkata

Clean & Shine is Kolkata best Sofa cleaning service provider that provides full for all your furniture that’s largely made from leather. Our cleaning services also include leather sofa cleaning, couch cleaning as the couch in your living room creates the first impression of your lifestyle for your guests and we’d want your guests to have a sparkling first impression of you.

Sofa, couch or any other leather furniture easily catches nasty stains of food, pen inks, grease and colour. They even gather dust so often that they end up becoming the most favourite spot for dust mites and bacteria to hang out together which makes furniture cleaning and sofa cleaning even more difficult.

With our leather Sofa cleaning services, we clean each of your leather sofa & furniture with great detail. Sometimes, kids who love to play around on the sofa or the couch can easily fall prey to nasty germs that can create health issues for them. So, we use hypoallergenic eco-friendly chemicals that are mild in application and harsh for dust and stains making it difficult for them to stay there longer.


Cleaning Service That We provided

Sofa Cleaning was doing by Seats base ( 4 seats , 5 seats , 6 seats , 8 seats & 10 seats ) Remove of embedded dust mites , Food , particulars etc.. Stairs removes without damaging sofa fabric. Equipment : Disinfect chemicals , vacuuming Machine , Chemical Spraying and microfiber dusting (Leather sofa only)

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